Baby Box Company Free to New Moms from Baby Box University!

The Baby Box Company Has Baby Boxes Available for Pick Up

Here’s something new. The Baby Box Company is offering boxes of baby stuff to Ontario Residents.

This is a different program than Baby Box Canada. We are still waiting to hear about their baby box rollout and will update our site when we know.

Inside the box you’ll find diapers, a onesie, teething ring, reusable breast pads, blanket, plenty of info, coupons, baby wash etc., although this might vary by box and region. We are pleased to show you pictures of one received already.

The box is designed to function as a sleeping space

Again, this is free of charge for Ontario residents.

You will need to watch the video on the “University” site, do the quiz, then bring your certificate or a screen shot of it to where their designated pick up is.

These Baby Boxes will be available for pick-up starting the week of August 29th. This means that you should show up at the center closest to you with your completion certificate anytime on or after August 29th.

See the Baby Box website HERE

 instructions on how to get your free Baby Box

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