Get a $25 gift card from Loblaws if you bought bread from them!

Loblaws discovered price fixing of bread and is making up to people who bought bread from them. They are giving $25 gift cards by entering your details HERE Registration for the Loblaw Card Program will open on January 8, 2018. Please check back then.

In the meantime, you can also provide your email address Here to receive a notice once registration has opened.

Registration ends May 8,2018.

People taking parts in this promotion will also have to declare that they bought certain packaged bread products at one of the eligible banner stores in Canada before Mach 1, 2015.

The Competition Act is a federal law governing most business conduct in Canada. It contains both criminal and civil provisions aimed at preventing anti‑competitive practices in the marketplace.


  1. Loblaw sends me an email tonight wanting me to scan a “personal document” to “prove my address” for their gift card. Even though I provided that info when I signed up. It was a valid Ontario address. Seems really fishy to me. Anyone else get this email? Cause I know lots of others that have the cards already without any of this nonsense.

  2. Always fresh and always buy everything there

  3. Buy bread all the time over the years from Loblaws

  4. Love Loblaws

  5. I can`t imagine how much i spent over the year,s ?

  6. 4-29 LYNNETT RD.HFX.N,S.902 266 0736 ,RODNEY J. DOBSON

    • You have to click the link in the post and fill out your name and address on the Loblaws website to receive the gift card from them.

  7. so in my house we have 4 adults, all buying groceries, all over 18 years of age. can each of us apply for this card and get a combined $100 credit. anyone know? it is not covered in the FAQ on the Loblaw site… wonder why? There must be many households with the same question.

  8. Many per week I bought.

  9. Waiting for my $25. Certificate from Loblaws.

  10. Several loaves of bread per week for years, Save Easy & Superstore

  11. Well I’ve always thought my bread from Superstore finally glad that things are catching up with with companies that are ripping off their customers

  12. I always bought my bread at extra foods

  13. I Buy 100% whole grain bread at Loblaws(Lasalle) at least twice a month

  14. My email keeps getting rejected. Why???

  15. My e mail is being rejected!! Why?

  16. I buy 3 loaves of country harvest bread every week from super store for years. $25.00 comes close better then nothing

  17. I like how people are thanking Loblaws, they ripped us off from 2001 to 2015 and are getting off easy by offering 25.00 gift card. I live in town where only store is owned by Loblaws and I know I spent more than 25.00 on bread in that time span. You have to meet there terms to get 25.00 gift card. How much money did they make Canada wide in the 15 years they did this to us Canadians.

  18. I’m so happy to see that a big corporation is owning up to there mistake, Thank You

  19. bread is very expensive lunches every day figure it out

  20. I was wondering why a loaf of bread cost a lot more than their compiters

  21. I bought breads st no frills superstores all belongs to the loblaws
    There repay doesn’t take my email

  22. Money is so tight in my home because I am on a disability pension that I so welcome any saving I live on peanut butter or baloney sandwiches every day of the week this is huge for me getting offered a 25.00 food card to buy more bread 🍞 thank you all so so much and god bless you all merry Christmas and a happy new year

  23. What brands and does it just affect Loblaws stores? What about No Frills and Zehrs stores? They are part of the Loblaw chain.

  24. I have bought bread alot at.loblaws in the past three years I shop there once a week

  25. Have bought bread at a few of your stores

  26. Andrea del Castillo

    My e-mail address does not fit in space provided for registration of $25.00 gift card !! It gets rejected !!

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