Get A Free Ride From Uber!!

Have you ever heard of Uber? Uber is a new driving service available in most cities across North America. They tend to be cheaper than a taxi and this is my number one reason for loving Uber although there are lots of benefits!

 If you don’t have a vehicle you know that travelling especially with children can get quite expensive. I’ll give an example:

4 of us travelling to a local attraction by taxi costs about $75 from our home. 

By bus we have to take a taxi to the bus stop ($15) and the bus for the 4 of us costs $20 and takes an hour and a half. We have to transfer to a second bus. With Uber, this same trip cost $38 and only takes 40 mins. Much cheaper and more comfortable!!
When you set up your Uber Account you can link it to your PayPal or credit card account. There is no exchange of money! 

The app is simple to use 

1. Enter your location and destination

2. Select what type of Uber you would like (uber x up to 4 people, uber xl for up to 6 people, uber black for a more luxurious vehicle)

3. Scroll up for your cost estimate. 

4. Place your order.  

You can now schedule rides in advance! 


You’ll see how long your uber will take to arrive, the type of car, picture and name of driver and actually be able to see on a map where they are! You can contact the driver through the app by phone call or text and they can contact you. Your number and theirs are completely hidden by uber for everyone’s privacy. 
You’ll receive an email receipt once your trip has been completed! And again no money changes hands!! 
I can send my teens in a uber without hassle and without worrying about them having the cash for a ride!!
Uber has a fantastic promotion right now to try Uber COMPLETELY FREE! Sign up with promo code felicias505ue and get your first ride FREE up to $10! Just enter it under the promotion section of the app! 

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