Cashmere Envirocare Bathroom Tissue Money Maker!!!

Cashmere Envirocare Bathroom Tissue (8 = 16 rolls) is on sale at FreshCo Nov 29 – Dec 6 for $3.00. You can use your $1.50 peelie coupon (previously found on various cashmere products) x2 as well as claim $2.00 on Caddle (limit 3) and pay only $1.00 each!!!!

This week there is an added bonus offer on Caddle when you purchase as well as claim two Cashmere Envirocare Bathroom Tissue. You will receive an extra $2.00!!! That means you will make $1.00 off every package that you purchase!!!

Just remember there is a limit of 3 on the bonus offer!

***Please check your local FreschCo if you would like to aquire this deal as some stores are including the Envirocare as part of their sale and some aren’t ***

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