Checking your receipt! 

Tip of the day: Checking your receipt

A good idea is to always take a few minutes before even leaving the store to check your receipt(s) to ensure that all coupons were added and in the right amount (I’ve had a $2 coupon be entered as $0.20). This way you can have it easily rectified while the coupons are still in the cashier’s drawer. In addition, any prices that need adjusting due to store error (possible SCOP!) or if you forgot to price match something can be taken care of immediately. 

Mistakes can easily be made on our part or the cashier’s part when we do complicated transactions so have a calm and collected review of your purchases before leaving. I’m always willing to get it adjusted there, but it’s rarely worth the effort or cost to drive back if you don’t realize mistakes until you’re at home.

Happy couponing!

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