Regrowing Produce! 

TIP OF THE DAY- Regrowing produce

With today’s skyrocketing vegetable prices here are a few ideas to consider. 

Regrowing is much easier than most think & with little time & effort you can have fresh produce at your finger tips. 

In the pic below I found some green onions on the clearance rack for .99 with the purpose of regrowing them. I cut them approx a inch & a half off at the bottom & put them in some soil. I had no immediate use for the rest so I chopped them all up to allow them to dry out. Once dried put them in a sealed container/Ziplock baggie. Fantastic to throw in salads, soups,stews,chili or perhaps garnish tacos & baked potatoes. The possibilities are endless. 

Do you have anything growing? Share some pics & knowledge and check out the link below. 

Vegetables that you can regrow 

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