Earn a Bonus $10 in PC Optimum Points By Signing Up for Exclusive Text Offers from Shoppers Drug Mart!

Have you signed up for the exclusive text offers from Shoppers Drug Mart yet? If not, this is your perfect time to do so! Text SIGNUP to 736898 and you’ll receive a bonus 10,000 PC Optimum points on your next purchase of $40 or more! That’s a $10 value right back into your account.

Click here for full offer details.

15 Comments on Earn a Bonus $10 in PC Optimum Points By Signing Up for Exclusive Text Offers from Shoppers Drug Mart!

  1. Do you know if you can combine this with a 20x pts offer?

  2. Ann Marie Barry | September 5, 2018 at 5:57 am | Reply

    I remain confused about the blended Shoppers offers and the PC Optimum points. They go on the same card but you get offers separately and can’t count pharmacy purchases made at Dominion for Shoppers offers. I used to love the deals offered by Shoppers and hardly go there any more. I remain confused by too many offers from both stores and a lack of integration in their approach to consumers.

  3. I havent been in a shoppers in four or five years. When pc optimum joined up it was a total lose for me. Hate the store.

  4. DANNA SULLIVAN | September 4, 2018 at 2:22 pm | Reply

    Can I spend the $40 at Superstore or does this have to be spent only at Shoppers to get the 10,000 points??

  5. Appears to be too many hurdles to justify qualification for the points. Especially for thone of us living well away from a shoppers. It’s a once a week, or even two weeks between visits.

    • Even one visit a month can earn you steady PC Optimum points if you follow the offers and special deals. Keep an eye on our website, we post all the offers we see and there us also a weekly deal post for those trips into Shoppers you are able to make

  6. Great I scratched card and its for only 24 hours. What a rip

  7. Robert…I agree! I love the PC Optimum program but I’m noticing things about them that me mw question their integrity. Was in a bit of a battle with them to get a “special offer” they said I’d get for changing my password before a certain date. I won’t go into the details of their broken promises but…felt treated like a fool by one supervisor. As bad as I’m believing them to be….it’s still a benefit so I’ll just ride on their slackness and inconsideration when it benefits me. But yes! They could have given us more than a day to use it. Ridiculous!

  8. Love shopping at shoppers great for PC points.

  9. An important thing you failed to mention is when you signup the offer is valid for 1 day only. So you better make sure you have $40 of purchases already in mind, and have the time to shop the same day .

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