Free Crayola Products!!

Right now if you shop at Walmart, check their center aisles where they have all the back to school items.

If you check the Crayola products, there are some that are ringing in wrong and you can get for free by using SCOP.

Here are some pics of the products scanning incorrectly. There could be many more, these are just the ones our admin has found that scan wrong.

Not sure what SCOP is? Check out SCOP here 

We have found that some of the $5 Crayola products have been scanning at full price at checkout and therefore you can get one of each that scans wrong up to $10 for free.

Here are some pics of the UPC codes for the ones we’ve found that are scanning incorrectly.



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  1. Brittaney Pregizer | August 21, 2018 at 9:17 am | Reply

    Scop is also posted in all Canadian Tire stores at the tils.

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