Info on Amazon Just Launched Sellers!! 

Info on Amazon Just Launched Sellers!! 

As some of you may have noticed, we haven’t posted any deeply discounted Just Launched deals recently. We would like to give you a reasoning as to why you won’t be seeing those posted by us anymore.

We have come to the understanding that Just Launched sellers are something to steer clear of.  Their game is to try to buy time, as Amazon has a two-week payment cycle for sellers, before the negative feedback, A-Z Claims and customer complaints all start to flow in. Amazon will then close the sellers account, however by this time they have most likely opened a new account using a new name. 

*We encourage you to contact Amazon if you have any concerns regarding your orders, they have amazing customer service and will be happy to help you! 

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused! 

To clarify, some Just Launched sellers are perfectly fine to order through. However the ‘Deeply Discounted’  Just Launched sellers are the ones we will be staying away from.

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