Meet the Bloggers


We all love saving money. That’s a given. We all coupon, price match, and use cash back apps to save the most money we can for our families. And we’re good at it. We also love helping others save money and that’s why we do this.
But, if you really want to get to know us, here’s a little tidbit about who blogs all the deals, freebies, and contests for Canadian Savings Group. This incredible group of women spend their time finding the best deals in Canada to post so you can save money. They know when they find a great deal and love sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy the deals they find, and I know you’ll love reading a little about them.

And just like the meme above, we never take time off. We’re always busy finding the best deals.


Felicia is a mom of 4 with a passion for savings. She started couponing about 15 years ago to save money on diapers for her first child. Felicia is a former model and loves reading. She spends her free time taking her kids to basketball and soccer. She enjoys sharing the knowledge she’s obtained to help others save on everything to live a better quality of life.


Ann-Marie is a mom of a fun-loving 3 yr old. Her love of numbers stems from her engineering background; this has translated into maximizing savings for her family. Now she is the queen of PC points and of finding great freebies and match-up deals for the blog to help maximize your savings.















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