Walmart Clearance Starting At 1.00 A Piece

Walmart has a huge online clearance blowout going on right now. You can find some kids clothing as low as $1.00.

There is a huge variety of men’s and ladies items as well! They have socks and slippers, and kids underwear almost 50% off!

They also have shoes on the sale, bras, hats, socks and more!

Walmart also has some amazing deals on electronics and so many other items, check them all out here!

Please remember so items aren’t in stock with these prices they wouldn’t last long but again look around cause if you go on the 3rd or 4th page there is still so much stuff available


  1. Aurianne Fazendeiro

    I love your shares but actually feel this is not a good one. Nothing can ever be bought as soon as added onto card and try to checkout everything just goes into out of stock, customer service also does absolutely nothing about it. 🙁

    • We actually had a lot of members in our group buy a lot of items. Went very fast though so I’m sorry you missed out. We try to share these sakes as soon as we are aware and we always check availability before posting.

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